Friday, March 16, 2012

Star Island Resident Will Smith to Star in Men in Black III This Summer

Hooray!  Will Smith's Men In Black III is set to hit theaters in Imax 3D on May 25th.  A trailer for the sci-fi action comedy hit the web on March 6th.  The new film is a time-travel thrill ride, which sends Will's character, Agent J, back in time to 1969.  Apparently, Tommy Lee Jone's Agent K, was dead in the previous two installments, and Agent J has to go back in time to solve the mystery of what happened to him in order to quell an alien invasion.  Josh Brolin joins the romp as a younger version of Agent K.

Will Smith has not done a movie since 2008's "Seven Pounds."  As one of Star Island's most famous residents, we are thrilled to see Will back on the silver screen again.

In his 1998 hit song, "Miami," Will sang about the "city where the heat is on."  "I only came for two days of playing, but every time I come, I always wind up staying."  And stay he did.  Will and wife, Jada, and their 3 children, Trey, Jaden and Willow, call Star Island home, along with homes in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Stockholm, Sweden.

The Smiths used to also own a home on Secret Beach in Kauai, Hawai, but back at the end of December, the Wall Street Journal reported that the couple had sold it at a huge appreciaton.  The Smiths purchased the property just 2 years before for $13.5 million and sold it for $20 million.  This $6.5 million markup in such a short period of time is pretty unusual in this market, but apparently, the couple was not even trying to sell the house, which was not listed on the market.  Perhaps the buyer just fell in love with it and was willing to pay that price.

And judging from the buzz over the release of the MIB III trailer, perhaps we, too, are ready to fall in love with Will alll over again.

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